Capturing Hyrogen Alpha and Oxygen III at the same time with a modified DSLR Scope

Target: Cygnus Eastern Veil Nebula

06 November 2020

Capturing Hyroden Alpha and Oxygen III at the same time with a modified DSLR Scope: Skywatcher 200PDS with coma corrector Camera: Astro modified Sony A6000 Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Guiding: Zwo guide scope and ZWO Camera ASI 120MM Mini Mono Filters: Optolong L-Extreme Target: Cygnus West Veil Supernova remanence. The is the first time using the Optolong L-Extreme. I had been using the Optolong L-Enhancer with decent success. 

My observations with the L-Enhancer was great colours and amazing light pollution blocking capability. This is due to the two band passes on the filer one being a narrow Ha and the second being a wider pass covering Hb and OIII. All the Ha was hitting the red pixel and the second pass seems to hit the green and blue parts of the colour camera sensor. The L-Extreme having a much narrower pass in-between the blue and green therefore letting less light onto the sensor. Looking at the individual subs the L-Enhance was delivering a greyish background with Ha nebula showing as red, as you would expect. Where with the L-Extreme the background looked red as well as the Ha nebula. This makes sense due to one band pass being split between blue and green while the other firmly in the red zone. This split between green and blue influenced me on my processing of my first picture, where I will assign all the data captured on blue and green (extracted using the Astro Pixel Processor Oxygen III algorithm) and then assigned to both channels so doubling the blue green to counter the strong transmission of red through this filter..